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wow, I don't think anyone can top this. i'd give it a score out of ten but no... no I won't.

You Swore! SHUT UP BILLY!!!

This is possibly one of the greatest flash animations I have ever seen. I have no doubt that it will reach or even surpass the level of popularity that other cartoons such as Waterlollies, etc. have maintained over such an extended period of time.

This shining gem of creativity in a torrent of regurgitated spam has such an amazing professional movie quality to it that so few other cartoons have struggled to achieve. A wonderful aspect to this movie is the varied genres of animation that you dip into and yet there is still a current of similarity. In regards to the highly stylized scenes, I must note that the color palettes were an excellent choice, they add an extra dimension to the differences in emotion that each scene holds. The smooth attention to detail is something that just blew me away, but the real parts that just left me in awe were the hand-edited particle effects.

The story itself is a wonderful tale, the character of the grandfather was an amazing decision. His blend of crazy, frantic dialogue and his eventual role in the story that he was telling creates a distinctive twist on the narration of this plot.

Also, let no one forget Hania's wonderful soundtrack which helped to facilitate the atmosphere of Tarboy. The introduction seems to seam to the dialogue and make a song where the rhyming and timing of each line builds the story in such a magnificent way.

In conclusion, I will not forget Tarboy. It reminded me of the astonishing works that can be made with Flash. 10/10 but I wish I could give more.


very funny! i love the doctor who reference in there!

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I don't think of this as a game I think of it as a movie.
Based on that it's a really good movie.


I love point and click games. Especially horror themed ones.
One you should definitely look at is "5 Days a Stranger" in the Chzo Mythos series by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw. It is one of a four part horror series that is free. Games like these are just amazing.

9/10 (The "boss" battles were too easy)

(sorry if it looks like I'm trying to promote this but it is EXTREMELY related)


You should probably find out how to get rid of the right click functions b/c if you right-click right after you press play then it gives you a really low score (like a 2).
Otherwise it is an excellent game.

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This song is basically everything I love about jazz!


I hate you. Probably.

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